"Foxi's art comes directly from her soul, and those who appreciate her art can see and feel this immediately in her paintings. Her talent is captivating - besides the rich and exuberant palette that she uses to 'weave' her paintings into intricate stories, there's also a profound spiritual dimension to her work. Each time you open your eyes to it, they take you on a journey, leading you into a magical space that can open you to the secret corners of your soul."

~André Maquestieu, Espace Lorraine gallery, Brussels


Seven musical notes. Seven days of the week. Seven colors of the rainbow. The symbolism of foxi’s new collection of seven paintings is simple and intricate.

The main symbols of the 7x7 series - the number seven, the seven colors of the rainbow, full of labyrinths and magical creatures - are all openings into deeper worlds that reign in every painting.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet representing one of the seven colors of the rainbow, all dance in front of you, inviting you to a journey of self-discovery. 

As you immerse yourself in each of the paintings, your emotions change, taking you on a magical walk around your own life.


In this series, Foxi Von Riga alludes allegorically to the many ways in which we have cut ourselves off from experiencing life in all its many different flavors.

Starting from the archetype of the forbidden apple, Foxi goes on to explore other flavors - represented by orange, lemon, lime, pear, banana and fig - that we have, consciously or unconsciously, but in any case irrationally, forbidden ourselves to explore and embrace.

The lemon or lime alone, for example, may be sour, but when they take their allotted place in the palette of flavors of which they are a part, they contribute to ecstasy.

Our inner judge doesn't only clothe sweetness in shame, but makes us mistrustful of every flavor which makes us feel alive. The Forbidden Fruit series expresses the absurdity of our internalized prohibitions on living life passionately and desiring all that desires us.


The Flow is a series of paintings by Foxi Von Riga, which symbolizes our deepest desires for freedom, spontaneity and intuition. When we surround ourselves with structures and rules, we create an illusion of security whilst condemning ourselves to predictable outcomes in which our lust for life slowly collapses.

If, however, we tap into the natural stream of life, letting go of rigid ideas, we enter into a beautiful state of flow, which propels us from narrow rivers and stagnant ponds towards wide oceans of fulfilled dreams.