Foxi appears on "C'est du belge" - a prime time program on Belgian TV

On October 9, 2015 Belgian French-speaking channel RTBF aired a short feature about Foxi's recent collaboration with photographer Eric Ceccarini. The feature was shown as part of the prime time program "C'est du belge".

Eric Ceccarini is creator of The Painters' Project, in which artists like Foxi are exposed to the medium completely different from what they are accustomed to. Leaving their canvases aside, they surrender themselves to the powerful presence of a human body - moving, warm and alive. The result of this joint work is seen in Eric Ceccarini's photos. 

Below is the recording of this TV episode. Foxi and Eric Ceccarini  appear right at the beginning of the programme, from 1:15. You can also learn about this collaboration between Eric and Foxi on Foxi's blog: THE PAINTERS’ PROJECT: FOXI VON RIGA COLLABORATES WITH PHOTOGRAPHER ERIC CECCARINI.