Creative Mornings to host Foxi on September 19

Creative Mornings, a breakfast lecture series organized monthly across the globe (currently in 88 cities), will host Foxi on September 19 at the Beursschouwburg arts center in Brussels.

During this event, Foxi will talk about Color as a metaphor for life.

Color is an omnipresent force in our lives - but could it be a symbol of life itself? For Foxi, color is a metaphor for life and its flow. If we embrace color in all its splendor, we begin to paint the canvas of our lives more creatively, more fully, more passionately.

This event is part of the global lecture series about Color, taking place across 88 cities around the world in September 2014.

Attendance is free. To register for the event, please visit the site of Creative Mornings: