Foxi Von Riga to exhibit her art at Jos Joos gallery in Brussels

Expansion of infinity, a solo exhibition by Foxi Von Riga, will take place from May 7 until June 30, 2014 at Jos Joos gallery, rue Belliard 200, Brussels.

In this series, Foxi Von Riga invites the viewer to take part in an enchanted dance through the enigmatic labyrinths of her art. Travel with your eyes as if you were touching the inner worlds of the paintings, instead of simply looking at them.

You will find that the paradoxical reality of Foxi’s art takes over you completely and irrevocably, seducing and enchanting you so that there is no way back. As you set yourself off on a journey through the intricate patchwork of patterns and symbols of Foxi’s art, you may notice that the worlds she creates will all of a sudden feel more real than the “real” world that surrounds us. You will find yourself entering the world of expanded infinity, in which life without art does not exist.

Jos Joos, the gallery owner, refers to Foxi’s art as “explosive and at the same time very sincere.” He says, “Her work allows us to escape and to reach out to new and exciting realities, to look at the world from another angle.”  

 Mr Jos Joos and Foxi Von Riga

Mr Jos Joos and Foxi Von Riga