Press Release: 7x7 art series by Foxi Von Riga in avant-première at The Egg Brussels

Foxi Von Riga, an international artist based in Belgium, is happy to announce that as of March 8, 2013 her series of paintings, called “7x7”, will be presented in avant-première at the Brussels hub of creativity and innovation, The Egg.

Each of the paintings depicts seven flowers, representing each of the seven colors of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The symbols of the 7x7 series -- the number seven, the seven colors of the rainbow, the many labyrinths and magical creatures - are windows into deeper worlds, journeys into the ecstasy of aliveness.

When I was creating this collection, I was inspired by simple and authentic things," says Foxi, "things we witness very often in nature: the rainbow, and flowers. Things that people have seen and marveled at since the dawn of humanity. As I was creating each of the paintings, I pondered on how colors, which now surround us everywhere, were once something only nature possessed. Over tens of thousands of years of human existence, people learnt to notice many of the differences in color in nature, and only then began to bring these colors into their everyday lives. 7x7 has been my journey back in time, and maybe it can become yours, too.

7x7 is Foxi’s debut series of paintings, united by a single theme, evolving from one painting to the next to form a coherent story, full of metaphors and symbols.

My art is something that comes directly from my soul, and I am passionate about the potential of art to connect people through sharing an extraordinary experience. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to me to have my first exhibition at a public venue rather than in a gallery. In this respect, The Egg, where many people come to work, connect and talk about creativity and innovation, is the perfect venue to be hosting my art for the first time.

About The Egg

The Egg is located in Brussels, a stone's throw from the Midi train station which connects tens of thousands of people between Brussels, Paris, London, Amsterdam and other European cities daily. The Egg’s impressive venue of 15.000m2 is dedicated to creativity and innovation. The Egg hosts art exhibitions, business, culture, and science events and conferences. It is also home to many innovative start-ups.