The Forbidden Fruit series

In this series, Foxi Von Riga alludes allegorically to the many ways in which we have cut ourselves off from experiencing life in all its many different flavors.

Starting from the archetype of the forbidden apple, Foxi goes on to explore other flavors - represented by orange, lemon, lime, pear, banana and fig - that we have, consciously or unconsciously, but in any case irrationally, forbidden ourselves to explore and embrace.

The lemon or lime alone, for example, may be sour, but when they take their allotted place in the palette of flavors of which they are a part, they contribute to ecstasy.

Our inner judge doesn't only clothe sweetness in shame, but makes us mistrustful of every flavor which makes us feel alive. The Forbidden Fruit series expresses the absurdity of our internalized prohibitions on living life passionately and desiring all that desires us.