The Painters’ Project: Foxi Von Riga collaborates with photographer Eric Ceccarini

Joy. Passion. Positivity. Deep reverence for life. 

This is just a glimpse of the state and space that I am immersed into every time I create art. It’s an overwhelming land of magic, where creativity just flows, and descends on my canvas to reveal something that was previously invisible to the eye. And even though I am happy when I work alone (like most artists usually do), I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of sharing my creative energy with others. 

The sharing of course happens naturally, when I splash my feelings out to the canvas, seal it with love, and show it to the world. For quite some time though, I’ve been nurturing the idea of sharing my values of art and creativity in a more engaging, active way, for example, by working together with other artists. I was ready to welcome new collaborations into my life, and they didn’t wait too long to come to existence.

I’ve already written about my encounter with Belgian philosopher Marcel Paquet, and the essay that he wrote (in French) about my art. Rather than something I would call an intentional collaboration, it was an ongoing exchange of mutual appreciation —my respect for Marcel’s philosophical and literary talent, his personal insights into the lives and professional paths of many great artists of the 20th century, and his love for my paintings — that resulted in an essay he wrote about my art (Le sensible et le visible: Introduction à l'œuvre de Foxi Von Riga)

Another recent partnership occurred just recently, through a joint exhibition with a fellow artist Ola-Dele Kuku, which will last until 28th of May in Brussels (61 rue des Bouchers, Brussels, Belgium).

Today I’m very happy to announce yet another beautiful joint project that I was part of earlier this week. 

On Monday, May 4, I and Eric Ceccarini, a Belgian photographer whose work I fell in love with about two years ago at an art fair in Brussels, spent a day working together. Eric is creator of The Painters’ Project, in which he brings together talents and creative energies of several participants at once. 

There’s a painter. There’s the photographer (Eric himself). And there’s a model.

Painters are faced with a medium that is very different from what they are used to working with. Forgetting their canvases, they surrender themselves to the powerful presence of a human body - moving, warm and alive. Eric chooses his models not only for the beauty and grace of their bodies, but also for the warmth of their souls. Some of the models appear in Eric’s photos over and over again, but the artists always change. By the time the project is over, Eric will have worked with 100 artists from all over the world.

Our day of working together last Monday was filmed by a Belgian TV channel RTBF, and will be shown in September 2015 as part of the C’est du Belge series. It felt as if the concept of The Painter’s project expanded even further on the day of our collaboration. There wasn’t just me, the models and Eric. There was also the TV crew who weren’t just there to film our collaboration. They became part of the creative process, making it particularly joyful, spontaneous and magical. 

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