Introducing my new painting, "Wu Wei"

I started to paint Wu Wei, the fourth painting in The Flow series, back in the spring of 2015. I interrupted my work several times, to work on other paintings, notably my new series of paper paintings. Just in line with the name of this art series, The Flow, I was listening attentively to my own inner voice, guiding me gently throughout this process, knowing exactly when to start again, when to step away and express myself in different paintings, and when to come back and continue. 

Wu Wei is a term used in the Taoist religion, and its philosophy falls perfectly with the beautiful concept of flow. Since I began to create my first painting of the Flow series, "Wet Kiss", two and half years ago, I committed myself to being in the flow - this wonderful state of non-resistance, and acceptance of everything that life has to offer. 

Wu Wei, "the action of non-action", is my invitation to explore, effortlessly, all the beauty and blessings that life has to offer to us if we stay open, gentle and accepting. Creating "Wu Wei" has been a labour of love, infused with a lot of positive energy.