Once upon a creative morning in Brussels

This morning CreativeMornings Brussels, which is a local chapter of CreativeMornings,  a large organization headquartered in New York City, hosted me as a speaker.  The event took place at the arts center Beursschouwburg, and was attended by members of the Brussels creative community.

My speech was entitled "Color as a Metaphor for Life", and will be soon available as a video for all those who couldn't make it to the event.

Foxi Von Riga speaking at Creative Mornings Brussels

Two very creative attendees of this event made visual notes of my speech. One of them is Ane San Miguel:

visual notes of Foxi Von Riga's speech @ Creative Mornings Brussels

And here are visual notes made by illustrator Christopher Malapitan:

Foxi Von Riga at Creative Mornings Brussels visual notes by Christopher Malapitan

Thank you, Ana and Christopher!