Introducing the "7x7" Art Series by foxi

I am very happy to introduce my new collection of seven paintings, that I have been working on throughout 2012. The series consists of 7 paintings, each of which represent 7 flowers. The main color of each painting is one of the seven colors of the rainbow.

Many beautiful things have inspired me for this art series. For example, the mystical number seven to which people have attributed special qualities throughout centuries. The journey that colors, first noticed by our ancestors in the early days of humanity, made from the nature - flowers and the rainbow, for example - to our daily lives, that we could not imagine without colors.  My fascination for the simple, fragile, and at the same time exuberant beauty of flowers has also been an important source of inspiration for this art series. 

The art collection is now available for exhibitions.

“7x7: Orange” 80x90 cm (31.1 x 35.1 inch), Acrylic on canvas