"I once received a remarkable piece of advice from Belgian philosopher Marcel Paquet, who in his turn learned it from from art historian Patrick Waldberg: never categorize art into either abstract or figurative. This division is unnecessary and misleading, and is likely to prevent you from fully immersing into the painting that is in front of you."


Foxi is an international artist living in Brussels, Belgium.  She taps into the flow of life to create her art,  which is sensual and exuberant. Her artistic style a truly unique blend of color, texture and intricate shapes which portray the magnificence of the Universe, and the beauty of all of us in it.

Foxi finds her inspiration in a large array of things. Her source of creativity is the beauty and sacredness of nature and its astonishing colors - both the quiet palette she grew up surrounded by during her childhood near the Baltic Sea, as well as exotic warmth of vibrant colors she encounters during her travels to faraway lands. 

She is also inspired by a large spectrum of different art styles, forms and techniques, including Asian filigree, Venetian glass work, chern (чернь) and gold that are wide-spread in Russian art, to name a few.

"My main source of inspiration is nature - oceans, forests and plants that surround us - and also our human nature, our existence on planet Earth, which goes far beyond the materialistic perceptions of what’s visible to the eye. 

I believe that it’s only by accepting the sacredness, wisdom and consciousness of nature that we will accept our own sacred place within it. And it is only when we fully embrace our human nature, and accept who we truly are, that we will be able to treat our Planet and approach life with deep respect and reverence. 

Exuberance. Joy. Flow and acceptance. Deep reverence for life. Freedom to be who we truly are, without the boundaries set by society, or our own fears trying to control us. These are the current themes in my art, in which symbols of nature - flowers, fish, oceans and plants - permeate my paintings. They play a role of metaphors that symbolize our human nature and all that holds us from being free, or sets us free, ready to surf the waves of life without resisting its force. 

Even though my life has always been filled with creativity, I feel blessed to have my artistic talents revealed to me in what I call a mysteriously graceful act of the Universe. This happened in the spring of 2011, and since then, art has been a powerful force that set me on the path of self-discovery and full acceptance of the beauty and magic of life."

Marcel Paquet, philosopher, writer and author of manybooks about such artists as René Magritte, Fernando Botero, Bram Bogart, Alexander Calder and others, wrote that Foxi paints that which is invisible to the eye:

“Every form dissimulates the endless movement of the forces which compose it; Foxi brings these forces to light, and gives visual expression to their vibrations, their dancing, whirling intricacy.”

M. Paquet's philosophical essay about Foxi's art, written in French ("Le sensible et le visible dans l'oeuvre de Foxi") is currently awaiting publication.

To contact the artist, please send an email to info@artbyfoxi.com