7x7 by Foxi Von Riga

Seven musical notes. Seven days of the week. Seven colors of the rainbow. The symbolism of foxi’s new collection of seven paintings is simple and intricate.

The main symbols of the 7x7 series - the number seven, the seven colors of the rainbow, full of labyrinths and magical creatures - are all openings into deeper worlds that reign in every painting.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet representing one of the seven colors of the rainbow, all dance in front of you, inviting you to a journey of self-discovery. 

As you immerse yourself in each of the paintings, your emotions change, taking you on a magical walk around your own life.

When I was creating this collection, I was inspired by simple and authentic things. Things we witness very often in nature: the rainbow, and flowers.

Things that people have seen and marveled at since the dawn of humanity.

As I was creating each of the paintings, I pondered on how colors, which now surround us everywhere, were once something only nature possessed. Over tens of thousands of years of human existence, people learnt to notice many of the differences in color in nature, and only then began to bring these colors into their everyday lives.

7x7 has been my journey back in time, and maybe it can become yours, too.
— Foxi Von Riga